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Team America

Puppet Producers.


Designed, fabricated, and produced stop- motion animation sequences and the main title sequence for the feature film.



Designed, fabricated, and animated Playhouse Disney interstitials.


The Simpsons: 2003 Christmas Episode

Designed, fabricated, and produced the stop-motion animated sequences "The California Prunes" and "The Year Santa Got Lost"


Hutchington Square

Designed, fabricated, and produced adult puppet show pilot.


The Washington Byrnes Report

Designed, fabricated, and produced puppet news show pilot.


Team America

Puppet producers.



Designed, fabricated, and produced pilot for episodic stop-motion animation series.


Ultimate Action Figures

Conceptualized, produced, and animated two 60 sec. & 30 sec. stop-motion commercials & a 90 sec. promotional spot.



Designed and fabricated eleven armored suits &
weaponry for video and touring show.


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Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Chiodo Bros. Productions
Wrote, produced and directed sci-fi horror film.


Walt Disney Pictures
Fabricated stopmotion puppet used for motion-
capture device for the 'Aladar' character.

Apt Pupil

Sony Pictures Entertainment
Fabricated realistic cable-operated cat for
oven sequence.


Focus Productions L.L.P.
Designed and fabricated gear mechanism for the
movie's main title sequence.

Behind the Sun

Propaganda Films/ Lions Gate
Designed and fabricated prosthetics.

The Stupids

St. Claire Entertainment/Savoy Pictures
Fabricated puppets and produced stop-motion animation of dog and cat characters for this live action feature. Directed by John Landis.

Tales from the Hood

Undertakers, Inc.
Designed and fabricated articulated demonic voodoo doll puppets for Spike Lee's urban horror film. Also puppeteered, produced stop-motion animation sequences, and provided second unit production services.


Allegro Films
Fabricated full-size articulated mechanized puppets and produced stop-motion animation for feature film.


Dyno Productions, Inc.
Fabricated and puppeteered articulated puppets.

Ernest Scared Stupid

Disney/Emshell Productions
Designed, fabricated and operated evil Troll characters.

The Good Burger

Paramount Pictures
Fabricated radio controlled hamburger puppets

Critters 1, 2, 3 & 4

SHO Films/New Line Cinema
Designed, fabricated and operated title alien creatures.

Pee Wee's Big Adventure

Warner Bros.
Fabricated and animated `Large Marge' transformation.

Double Dragon

Greenleaf Productions
Designed and fabricated appliance make-up for mutant bad guys.

Naked Gun III

Produced stop-motion animation of dinosaur for title sequence.


Produced two special stop motion effects shots in feature film.


Orion Pictures
Fabricated and animated dinosaur puppet in SUX 6000 commercial.

Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Saban/20th Century Fox
Fabricated various animatronic villians such as Maligor, Elgar, Mermaid and Eaglettes.


Hideous Mutant Freekz

Tommy Productions
Produced special "Gumby" clay-animation sequence for feature film.

Rubin and Ed

Working Title Pictures
Designed, fabricated and operated water-skiing cat prop and hand puppet.

I Go Pogo

Stowmar Productions
Animation Direction and Production Design for full-length clay animated feature.

Demon Island aka Pinata

Hill & Brand Productions
Designed and fabricated animatronic Pinata,
makeup effects and prosthetics & designed CG
characters and storyboards for CG sequences.


Warner Bros./Fantasy II
Sculpted and painted Gremlin animation puppets.

Sword and the Sorcerer

Cannon Group
Designed, fabricated and operated crypt of heads.

Radioactive Dreams

Designed, fabricated and operated 14 foot pneumatically-controlled Rat monster.



Hill & Brand Productions
Designed and fabricated a 30' animatronic snake.

Chairman of the Board

Fabrication of comedic props for feature starring comedian "Carrot Top".


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That's My Bush

Comedy Central 
Designed and fabricated animatronic fetus character
& animatronic cat puppet for multiple episodes.


Sci-Fi Channel 
Designed and fabricated prosthetics, special effects
makeup & creatures in multiple episodes.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

WB & ABC / Viacom Productions 
Design, fabrication, and maintenace of animatronic "Salem"

The Man Show

ABC / Funhouse Productions 
Created 2-D puppet based on the painting "Waterloo."

The Mr. Potato Head Show

Film Roman 
Designed and fabricated entire puppet cast for children's

Power Rangers Time Force

20th Century Fox Television 
Designed and produced stop-motion animation of the T-Rex

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Saban Entertainment 
Designed and fabricated the "Battleizer" and "Circuit
Astronema" suits.

Days of our Lives

Corday Productions, Inc. / NBC 
Designed and fabricated baby for Bo's Nightmare sequence.

A Bug's Life, The Real Dirt

W.G. Longstore / Disney / Buena Vista 
Designed and fabricated bug puppets for television special.


Dreamworks Interactive
Fabricated various rod & cable controlled monster puppets, a full-size animatronic Werewolf costume & mummy appliance make-up.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Next Mutation - Saban/Shavik Ent.
Fabricated lead turtle characters and villians. Designed CAPS, a proprietary computer control system to enable one puppeteer to perform a character.

The Crayon Box

Chiodo Bros.Prod./Random House/PolyGram Video
Co-Executive Produced this pre-school syndicated television series. Fabricated entire puppet cast for 26 episodes.


Chiodo Bros. / Nickelodeon
Executive Produced and Created pilot for TV Series.

Baby Huey's Great Easter Adventure

Harvey Entertainment 
Fabricated and designed life-size animatronic "Baby Huey"

Lost on Earth

Quincy Jones/David Salzman Entertainment
Fabricated all puppets and walk-around suits for puppet situation 
comedy series for USA Network.

The Dana Gould Project

ComCon Productions
Fabricated "Baby Gordon" puppet character.


Carsey Werner Co.
Constructed miniature Billboard.


USA Network/Great Falls Productions
Designed, fabricated and puppeteered animatronic rattle snakes.

Masked Rider

Saban Entertainment
Fabricated puppets, standard and robotic, of hero character and creature suits (durable for stunts and fights) for recurring villains.

The Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys

Chiodo Bros. Prod./Howie Mandel/CBS
Executive Producers. Design, fabrication and production of special makeup and visual effects.

The All-New Land of the Lost

Sid and Marty Krofft/ABC 
Co-Producers. Special visual effects production including, stop-motion animation, hand puppets, appliance make-up and costumes.


Carsey-Werner Co.
Constructed and blew up miniature of Roseanne's house for Halloween `94 episode.

Cousin Kevin

Chiodo Bros. Productions/KABC
Wrote, Produced and Directed half-hour live-action TV special.

Beastmaster III

Stu Segall Productions
Designed and fabricated 8 foot monster suit for television series pilot.

Crash the Curiousaurus

EMMY nomination for character design and costume fabrication of "Crash the Curiousaurus" for the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

"Thriller"/ The Making of "Thriller"

Kramer and Associates
Designed and animated main and segment titles. 
Grammy Award winner, "Best Video".

Aliens for Breakfast

Think Productions
Fabricated and puppeteered pocket alien and evil, tentacled Drane alien.

The Last Days of Russell

Hickox Bowman/Hudlin Brothers
Design, fabrication and stop-motion animation of cockroach for ABC television pilot.

Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre

Platypus Production
Fabricated special mechanical props and miniatures for eighteen shows over a four year period.


MTM/Lynch Entertainment
Design and fabrication of costume characters for syndicated children's show.

UFO Abductions

Victor & Grais Productions/CBS Network
Designed, fabricated and operated alien character.

"Hostile Takeover" & "Sleeping Dragon"

Laurel FX
Designed and fabricated Devil transformation and full dinosaur suit.

Adventures in Wonderland

Disney Channel/Betty Productions
Puppet Designers, fabricators and puppeteers for this Disney Channel show.

Ancient Prophesies

Greytsone Productions
Fabricated miniatures of the pyramids of Giza for this mini-series.

Hansel and Gretel

The Disney Channel/Tim Burton
Special effects supervisor/animator.

Dinosaur & Son of Dinosaurs

Midwich Entertainment/KABC
Designed, fabricated and animated `Gary Owens' charicature and dinosaur baby hatching from egg.

Gnome Witch

Chiodo Bros. Productions/Midwich Ent.
Produced live-action/miniature short, featuring prosthetic witch costume.

Mickey's Safety Club

Disney Educational Productions
Directed, designed and fabricated sets for two educational shows.


Charlie Horse Music Pizza Show

Designed and fabricated "Take Out", a walk-around orangutan suit and "Fingers" a raccoon hand puppet for this Shari Lewis video special.

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AT&T -"Fazbo" National Commercial

Palomar Pictures
Fabricated & designed hero character for plush toys and walk-around suit.


Budweiser -"Payback" National Commercial

Palomar Pictures
Fabricated animatronic Clysdale horse head.


Dodge -"Charm" National Commercial

Strato Films
Fabricated 22 hero charms.


Dodge -"Nonconformist" National Commercial

Strato Films 
Fabricated, designed, and animated shirt and assembly line

Toyota -"Echo" National Commercial

5X Faster
Fabricated and designed animatronic robot and lunar landscape.


Mr. Donuts

Cente Services Corporation
Fabricated and puppeteered a full size animatronic Hippo.


Always Alldays "Dancers"

Kurts and Friends
Produced stop-motion animation of panty liner product.

"Telesp" Rooster - Trattoria di Frame
Fabricated stop-motion rooster puppet for Brazilian commercial.


Saville Productions
Fabricated puppet and produced stop-motion animation of a T-Rex dinosaur.

Singer Water Filters

Trattoria di Frame
Fabricated animatronic reproduction of a famous fountain sculpture to spray water.


Jay Ahrend Co.
Built a Bee for Print Ad.


Size, Inc.
Built miniature twelve engine airplane and filmed plane "live" flying using moving dolly and fog machines.

Nissin Cup of Noodles

Cente Services Corporation
Produced stop-motion animation for Cannes Grand Prix Lion Award-winning spots featuring prehistoric mammals, ie. Moa & Saber Tooth Tiger.

Tropical Gushers

Rhythm & Hues
Designed, fabricated, and puppeteered octopus & fabricated additional props. Superbowl 2000 Commercial

Plum Productions
Designed, fabricated, and operated a seven foot tall animatronic paper monster.


American Music Awards 2000

Krofft Entertainment
Designed and fabricated five 21' tall collapsing puppets to look like the members of the group 'NSYNC.


J.C Penney - Holiday

Rhythm & Hues
Modified bear and pillow products for puppeteering.



Disney Productions/Tim Burton
Technical direction/animation. Filmex "Best Film" - Chicago Film Festival Award.


Chiodo Brothers Productions
Produced, wrote and directed ten minute short. Stephen Chiodo. Winner "Best Young Director", Cannes Film Festival, 1976.

Dino Alley

Chiodo Bros. Productions
Animated logo for demo reel. First prize Los Angeles International Animation Festival, 1985.

Geo Kids

Lost Kitty Productions/National Geographic
Designed, fabricated and puppeteered exotic animal puppets for continuing National Geographic video series. 

Guideposts for Children

Sparrow Records/The Idea Agency
Designed and created walk-around turtle character based on magazine mascot for series of children's home videos and personal appearances.


Palomar Pictures
Fabrication and puppeteering of a dinosaur hand puppet for Flintstone's Happy Meal commercial.

Bimbo the Bear

The Film Machine/Cine Por Acto
Fabricated and puppeteered articulated bear puppet for commercial spots.


Tony Kaye Productions
Fabricated blow-up of fishing hat and fishing fly for close-up in this on-line service commercial.

Joe Piscopo/General Nutrition Center

Phil Messina Productions
Special effects makeup fabrication for Joe Piscopo/GNC commercial.

Audio Story

Disney/MGM Studio Tour
Designed, fabricated and animated (clay) Daryl Hannah transformation.


View Studios
Filmed anti-freeze flowing through large-scale clear engine pipe.

The Beast

Image Creations
Provided stop-motion animation of morphing wild animals for Chevy commercial.

Floral Arrangement

Cente Services
Fabricated stop-motion animation puppet of realistic hedgehog. Provided stop-motion animation services for Japanese commercial.

McDonald's Happy Meal Martian/Chicken McNuggets

Leo Burnett Company
Designed and fabricated Martian puppet. Fabricated wardrobe for McNuggets puppets. Also served as puppeteers on two spots.

Kellogg's Toy Rabbit/Froot Loops Dino

Leo Burnett
Produced stop-motion animation of toy rabbit and dinosaur puppet spots.


Kurtz and Friends
Fabricated and animated three dimensional potato characters.

Fram Auto Filters

Triple Vision
Fabricated and operated foam constructed `smoke' puppet.

Jeffersons/ Mt. Rushmore

Cimarron Productions
Fabricated and animated miniature "Mt. Rushmore" crumbling for Jeffersons syndication promotion.


Luis Cardenas
Landmark Entertainment/Allied Artists Records
Designed and animated "Punk Rock" dinosaur band members for music video.

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The Simpsons: Gravey & Jobriath Sequence
For Episode BABF22
Designed and produced stop-motion animated sequence.
Emmy Award winner - Best Animated show.

Dune Mini Series

Sci-Fi Channel 
Designed, fabricated, and produced stop-motion
animated sequences of the telepathic rat character.
Emmy Award winner - Best Visual Effects.

Nissin Cup of Noodles

Cente Services Corporation
Cannes Grand Prix Lion Award - Moa 1993; Saber Tooth Tiger - 1996


Chiodo Bros. Productions, Inc.
Designed and Directed by Stephen Chiodo
"Best Young Director", Cannes Film Festival 1976


Disney Productions / Tim Burton
Filmex "Best Film", Chicago Film Festival Award

Adventures In Wonderland

Disney Channel
Emmy Award Winning television series

"Thriller"/ " The Making of "Thriller"

Kramer and Associates
Grammy Award Winner, "Best Video"

Dino Alley

Chiodo Bros. Productions, Inc.
First prize in Los Angeles International Animation Festival, 1985.

Crash the Curiousaurus

ABC / Kane
Emmy nomination for best costume

Cousin Kevin

Chiodo Bros. Prod. / KABC
Ruby Slipper Award for best children's program

"La Gartixas" Gecko

Trattoria de Frame
ABAP Silver Award - 1998


Zombie Dinos from Planet Zeltoid

"Best Character ", Dexter the Dinosaur - 1994 Cybermania Award Winner

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 Shirahama Energyland (Japan)

Design, fabrication and stop-motion animation of dinosaurs for time-travel simulator ride.

Dinosaur Adventure

Iwerks Entertainment/Metavision
Produced stop-motion animation for 360· nine-screen Iwerks Cinetropolis premiere presentation. 

Virtual World

Virtual World
Fabricated walk-around character of Zero the Martian for virtual reality theme park.

Jungle Book

Powerhouse Entertainment
Designed and fabricated monkey character suit for CD-ROM interactive game.

Dino Trip

Designed, fabricated and animated baby dinosaur and Tyrannosaur characters for Japanese theme park simulator ride.

It Came From the Desert

Fabricated miniatures and animated "monster ant" for use in an interactive CD video game.

Zombie Dinos from Planet Zeltoid

Designed, fabricated and produced animated dinosaur effects including fully articulated Dexter dinosaur puppet for use in CDI interactive home entertainment system.

Ericsson T28 World Phone Competition

Pacific Bell Wireless 
Fabricated 7 foot Ericsson cell phone prop.


Jolie Jones
Designed and prepared presentation artwork for eight
characters for series pitch.


Designed and fabricated armored suit for touring show.

Sea Monsters

SeaWorld / Anheuser Busch
Designed and prepared presentation artwork for characters
for theme park live show.

Toby Terrier

Sid and Marty Krofft Productions 
Designed and fabricated dog puppets for video/plush toy line.

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