The Chiodos founded the company in 1982 as a
place where they could use their art to bring
to life the visions of other filmmakers.
Over two decades later, they are creating their own
productions.  Today, when the major studios or
networks come calling it is not only for special
effects, but for original material bearing the
unique Chiodo Bros. signature.



Killer Klowns from Outer Space -

A cult classic feature film from Chiodo Bros. Productions. A rather unusual looking race of aliens attempt to takeover Earth and in the process, prove that life under the big top is not necessarily a circus.

Cousin Kevin -

A KABC After School Special from Chiodo Bros. Productions about a young boy with the power to turn his overactive imagination into real-life adventures.

Land of the Lost -

The Chiodo Bros. joined the legendary Sid & Marty Kroft and co-produced this TV series about a modern family that gets trapped in another world filled with dinosaurs and danger.


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